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Rainbow Jelly

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It has been a fair while since I last posted and I am pretty sure it will be a while yet before I cook something worth posting. I am currently living off of my freezer meals as I am alone for a couple of weeks. Lots of nights of beef curry and pasta bake in front of me. I am providing a lunch for a training client next week so there might be something to post then. In the meantime here is a picture and a recipe of something I used to make for my kids for special occasions, always at Christmas without fail. It takes some time to do properly hence the ‘only on special occasions’. I have even been known to transport it to my workplace (when I worked in town) to keep it in the fridge and complete an extra layer during the day.

As you can see, the colours and flavours are totally optional. Family members have also made this as individual serves in wine glasses, which is quite a nice way to go, especially if you have grown ups to impress.

For those of you who are American, jelly = jello, not jam 🙂


2 boxes cherry Jelly
2 boxes orange Jelly
2 boxes lemon Jelly
2 boxes lime Jelly
3 cans of sweetened condensed milk

Before you start, clear enough space in your refrigerator to place a large clear glass bowl on a FLAT surface (a square bowl would give the best effect). It is very important that the space is FLAT and LEVEL.
Prepare the first layer – Dissolve one box of lime Jelly with 1 cup of boiling water, stir until all the Jelly is dissolved.  Add 1/2 cup of condensed milk and stir thoroughly.  Pour the mixture into the glass bowl SLOWLY.
You do not want the Jelly to splash up onto the side of the bowl or it will ruin the rainbow effect.
Place the bowl in the refrigerator on a level surface.  Wait at least two hours for the layer to solidify.  NOTE – It is important to make sure the layer is sufficiently solidified, as you will be pouring another
layer of warm Jelly on top of it, always let it chill for at least two hours even though it may appear that the layer is done (I try to leave it overnight).
Prepare the second layer – Dissolve one box of lime Jelly with 1 cup of boiling water, stir until all the Jelly is dissolved.  Add 1/2 cup of cold water and stir thoroughly.  SLOWLY pour the mixture on top of the first layer.  Do not pour all on one spot as you could melt a hole in the first layer (I pour the new layer over the old by pouring it over a spoon to stop it all pouring onto one area).
Place the pan in the refrigerator on a level surface for at least two hours.  You will repeat this process with lemon and then orange and then cherry – two layers of each flavour, the bottom with
condensed milk the top with cold water.

NOTE – As I mentioned before this recipe requires quite a time commitment, at least 16 hours if you
worked straight through, although I would be more inclined to take more time to make sure it is a success, so be sure to allot enough time.
Also, with the large variety of Jelly flavours available now, you can use what ever colours and flavours that you prefer or are appropriate to your celebration.


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One thought on “Rainbow Jelly

  1. The finished product looks awesome, but I don’t know that I have that kind of time commitment! Lol.

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