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Passionfruit woes and Strawberry plants

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My passionfruit just isn’t performing. As I have mentioned, I have only been here a few months and the passionfruit was a pre-existing plant. It was growing in the moonscape, heaven knows how it survived. It is terribly grateful for the water and fertilizer it has been blessed with since I moved in and has rewarded me with a massive crop of flowers. Unfortunately the flowers have withered and dropped and there is no fruit to be seen. I have read all the books, been online, done everything I can think of, including climbing the wall and pollinating the flowers with a paintbrush, individually, like a good little bee but still nothing. The vine is strong and healthy (now) so all I can hope is that next season will be better. Maybe after the stress of its prior living conditions, it is just not able to bear fruit this year. I’ll give it another year and then threaten it with an axe, see if that scares it into fruiting.

In other garden news

It is a little early to be putting in strawberry plants here but I just had a bee in my bonnet about it and couldn’t wait, so here are my latest additions to our garden.
Each pot has 2 strawberry plants and 2 Flanders poppies. Fingers crossed they make good companions; I thought that visually they would make a nice match anyway. I wanted some flowering plants to encourage insect activity and I don’t think there is anything prettier than poppies. Anyway we will see if it is a winning combination later in the season. I ended up with 16 strawberry plants which was 6 more than I had planned for so there are various other pots dotted around the place where I had to fit them in.

Nothing much in the way of production in the garden this week, things are growing but not harvest ready yet. Of course that is not counting the herbs which just couldn’t grow any faster or lusher if they tried. My thyme is cascading down the wall from its perch above the garden and the chives are fat and strong. The mystery chillis seem to be tabasco like from what I can determine. I don’t have much chilli experience but that is what they look most like. There are dozens of little chillis coming on so I am looking forward to experimenting with them later on.

The snails are busy at night, grazing on the thyme but they are not very clever so a quick nose around in the mornings usually reveals their hiding place and they take a quick trip under a brick to atone for their sins shortly thereafter.
The parsley is a true harvest and regrow plant in our veggie patch right now. I harvest bundles of it to freeze or to sprinkle into and over everything. Next time I look it is looking frilly and full grown once again.

All in all the garden is still providing me with a harvest to increase the pleasure of just being out there amongst the plants. The passionfruit and I may not see eye to eye right at the moment but I will continue to speak nicely to it, at least for the rest of this season. I will just have to make sure to put the axe somewhere nearby where it can be seen next season, just to get my point across; it has worked for me before.


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