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Dry rub ribs

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The dry rub ribs. A raging success. Even my daughter liked them and she isn’t our biggest rib eater. The only problem is that it was a grab and dump recipe so passing it on is a bit more difficult than usual.

What I started with was the ribs of a lamb, all of them, however much that weighed.
I sliced them into individual ribs and then rubbed spices all over them, put them in the fridge overnight and then into an 180C oven until they were cooked to my satisfaction. The list of spices goes something like this:

Garam Masala

Not in any particular order or quantity. I just gave everything a good shake, rubbed it in and then decided it needed some more and added what smelt lacking.

I made sure to trim all of the visible fat from the ribs before rubbing and cooking, even so there was a decidedly greasy film to our fingers once we were done. Unless you plan on pre-boiling your meat there is not a lot you can do about the fat in lamb ribs.

I enjoyed the dry rub, it is a technique that I would like to explore further. I have much more experience with marinades than dry rubs. There is a whole world of flavour out there that I have been missing! I was very pleased that my initial experience with this style of cooking meat was so positive.


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One thought on “Dry rub ribs

  1. Yummy! Ribs are great!

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