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In garden news: MY FIRST RED CHILLI!!!
Sorry about that, but I was excited to finally see one of my random, self-sewn chillies ripen this past week. Maybe one of the more chilli knowledgeable people out there can identify them for me, I am leaning toward tabasco but I am far from sure. I plan to find just the right recipe for this little guy, it will be a bit hit and miss though without knowing how hot he’ll be.
There are more capsicums ripening and I have at least one or two a week to bring into the kitchen which is fabulous.

I’ve given the worm farm a bit of a birthday this weekend past. It has 3 tiers and each of them was full of dirt and worms. The top one where I am supposed to add their food was full also so I felt it was time for a clear out of a bottom tray and a swap over so there was more room for scraps.

I took off the top tray and proceeded to dig out the second tray, careful to remove as many worms from the discarded dirt as possible, I don’t want them all escaping to the vegie patch, I need them in house to eat my scraps. The discarded dirt went straight out on to the broccoli and silver beet currently in the vegie patch, so they had a birthday too.

I swapped the trays around putting the nearly empty one on top and gave them a fresh covering of newspaper and a job well done. Birthdays all around for worms and vegies and I felt I had accomplished something. Too good!

Onto sad news, the basil has finally given up for the season. The cooler days and constant showers have made it turn up its little roots and begin to blacken into dead branches. The worms will give it the send of it deserves now that they have the room. I have plenty of basil leaves in the freezer though, to get us through the winter months, hopefully it retains that taste of summer. Fingers crossed.

I am not having to water at the moment, temperatures have dropped to about 17C during the day here now and there are enough rainy days to keep the ground damp. I potter about and remove weeds and chat to my plants in between rain showers, just so that they know I haven’t forgotten them. It is cool and crisp outside and pleasant to be there in amongst my plants but there really isn’t too much that needs doing out there right now.

It is amazing how much more notice I take of the seasons and the changes they bring when I am out in the garden.


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40, on my way to 40 something...Still not sure what I want to do when I grow up, retire probably... Food obsessed, love to cook it, read about it, eat it... Chock full of useless information that crowds out the useful stuff sometimes.

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  1. You sure they are chilli’s hahha

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