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Sunday Breakfast

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I Love pancakes, however, I do not make pancakes, that is the domain of my husband. He, however, does not like to make pancakes. As he is an absolute pancake wizard, this is somewhat of a shame not to mention a disappointment. This is also what makes me avoid making pancakes at all costs, they will just never measure up.

I do however make pikelets. Pikelets are a small, puffy batter cake fried in the frying pan, just a smear of butter in the pan for taste and to stop them sticking. The batter is thick so that they don’t spread far and contains baking powder so that they rise as they cook. They are sweet and good and my favourite way to have them is smeared in yet more butter whilst they are still hot.

Lots of people like jam, peanut butter, syrup or any number of other spreads on top but I am a plain butter girl. Lots of people also like to add additions such as sultanas or choc chips, I find this a travesty and a crime against all that is good and pure in the world. Not that I have strong opinions about it.

These were a staple in our home growing up and often featured as both an after soup dessert for Sunday lunch and a quick tasty offering for unexpected guests (back in the days when people just dropped by unannounced). They are one of those things that I grew up being able to cook and I can whip up a batch at short notice at any time.

I Love pikelets only slightly less than pancakes, they taste quite similar and they are super simple to make. They are my answer to not being able to persuade my husband to make me pancakes, as such they often feature as a Sunday breakfast.



2 cups flour
4 tsps baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
Milk, enough to form a thick batter

Mix flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl.
Add eggs and add milk gradually stirring vigorously until a thick batter is formed.
Melt a little butter in a hot pan.
Drop spoonfuls of batter in pan.
Allow to bubble and dry slightly on the top side.
Flip and cook until browned on both sides.
Monitor pan heat carefully.
Serve hot with butter or desired spreads.


Author: kolandasimone

40, on my way to 40 something...Still not sure what I want to do when I grow up, retire probably... Food obsessed, love to cook it, read about it, eat it... Chock full of useless information that crowds out the useful stuff sometimes.

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