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Not Quite the Taste of Home

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Here is a recipe that needs a bit of tweaking, from my husband’s perspective. This is a traditional dessert slice from South Africa. Or at least it was traditional in my husband’s family in South Africa, whatever makes you happy.

It seems that traditional recipes don’t always translate well from country to country when exact measurements can’t be found for ingredients. ‘A tin’ of granadilla pulp in South Africa may not weigh anything like a tin of passionfruit pulp in Australia. The result? A very passion fruity slice that I enjoyed very much but wasn’t the creamy, slightly passion fruity result that my husband was looking for to remind him of home. Still it was a nice slice and we now have an excuse to eat all of it, buy new ingredients and try again, next time with one tin, not two.

I have reprinted the recipe here, the way we had it, if you like passion fruit a lot then feel free to use the two tins, it was a really lovely fruity slice. Because the tin size worried my husband from the get go we added 2 teaspoons of gelatine to the mix to avoid it becoming a sloppy mess. We also added additional layers of biscuits because that is the way my husband’s Mother used to make it and Mums always do it the best way!

Tennis biscuits are usually available in stores that have a ‘South African’ goods section. As we have lots of ex-pats in Australia there are quite a few stores carrying South African goods now to help people find the taste of home in their new country. Tennis biscuits are a fairly plain sweet biscuit with a coconut overtone; they are also square, making for easy use in a square dish.

Granadilla and Lemon Fridge Tart

200g tennis biscuits
300g can condensed milk
1 cup boiled water
2 small cans of granadilla pulp/ 8 granadilla
Lemon flavoured jelly

Grease a 20cm dish that can be placed in your fridge.
Line it with a layer of biscuits.
Dissolve the jelly in the boiling water; add the condensed milk and granadilla pulp.
Smooth the mixture on top of the biscuits and refrigerate overnight.


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