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We are the luckiest people on earth

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We are back, slightly more tanned than when we left, up north will do that to you even if you try to avoid it.

We drove about 3000kms over 4 days, getting there and back. It was a road trip to remember although there were parts that are best forgotten, or at least remembered with rose tinted glasses on. Most specifically the fact that we are (in my opinion) the luckiest people on earth.

The story goes like this…

We drove (over 2 days) through scrubby emptiness on a road where towns are almost always several hundred kilometres apart, we camped out on the top of a mountain 150kms from the nearest town (the sunset was amazing). After travelling 1500kms finally we reached our destination, a remote town far up the west coast of WA and 30 meters from our cabin our car broke down. Our car broke with a noise like a rock breaker hitting granite. It was fairly terminal, at least for the part involved, needless to say that if it had happened anywhere else on our trip we would have been stranded in the worst possible way.

After the usual swearing and cursing and lugging our luggage and food up to our accommodation in the heat, we collapsed in a sweaty heap and took stock. This is when I came to the conclusion that we were the luckiest people on earth. Sure, it was inconvenient, sure it was bound to be time consuming and expensive to fix (it certainly was!) but the situation could have been so so so much worse.

After spending sometime organising a mechanic to come out and see what could be done with our car (it took 2 days to get him out there) we hired a car so that we could continue our holiday and just got on with it. There were a few depressing and worrying moments when we worried how we were going to pay for the repairs and would the parts arrive from a major city in time for the car to be ready for the trip home. Our bank came to the party with an extension on our credit card, the part arrived in time, the car was fixed the day before we left, we had a wonderful time despite our concern and met some wonderful people along the way. Then we drove 1500km back home in record time and the car performed beautifully.

The north of WA is hot and flat and populated only by goats, emus and kangaroos. It is inhospitable and dry and incredibly beautiful in a hostile and cruel kind of way. It was certainly an experience and I will be eternally grateful that things worked out as they did. Now that I am home I will concentrate on paying back my credit card, dwelling on the good times and painting the rest with a rose coloured tint.


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