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Stuffed Rice Bubble Chicken Breasts

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My husband stole my iPhone cable.
That is my current excuse for not posting. My phone/camera has been non-accessible for the past few days. This of course is just a weak excuse made up by a busy working mother who has misplaced he desire to cook and write about it. Not that I have not been cooking but I have mostly just been revisiting old favourites recently, things that I have either posted previously or I don’t consider ‘recipes’ in the sense that a large component is a store bought sauce (eg spaghetti bolognaise, I love Leggo’s Neopolitana sauce) or something so basic that I am sure everyone has done it and has their own recipe by now anyway.

That said, I have made a few things that I thought might be worth passing on. One of which I will write out below.

My Grandmother recently told me that chicken breasts were on special down her way, it was a good special, would I like her to get me some that I could pick up the next week when I popped down for a visit? Would I ever! So I took my trusty cold bag with me expecting a few packs, maybe 3 or 4. Good thing I decided to bring down the larger bag instead of the six pack bag! I came home with 13 trays of chicken breasts, 2 large breasts per tray. I immediately began planning what I would stuff into these fat delicious chicken offerings.

On the day that I decided to open the first tray I ran out of bread, going to the freezer I realised that I had also (at some point prior) run out of breadcrumbs (I wiz up my old bread ends and bag them in the freezer for later use). What to do? After a bit of a scrounge I emerged from the pantry with a box of rice bubbles (or rice krispies, depending on where you hale from). I wasn’t positive about this experiment but you have to take the odd risk to achieve greatness.

And great it was!

Stuffed Rice Bubble Chicken Breasts

2x chicken breasts
parmesan cheese
sundried tomatoes in oil
2x egg whites (because I had them in the fridge left over from something else)
Rice Bubbles
Salt & Pepper

Crush the rice bubbles roughly with your hands.
Cut a pocket in each chicken breast.
Slice sundried tomatoes into small pieces, remove thyme from stems and mix thoroughly with the desired amount of cheese.
Poke this mixture into the chicken breasts.
Dip the chicken into the egg white and then roll in the rice bubbles until well coated.
Place on a greased oven tray, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pour over a little of the tomato oil. Cook for 20 mins at 180C or until golden.

Served with green beans and boiled potatoes that had been tossed with butter and snipped chives, this was a great meal.

I have done the Rice Bubble chicken again since stuffed with the same mix but with tasty cheese added (I prefer the original) and I have also used a herb mayonnaise mixed with a whole egg combination to dip the chicken into. I still like to crumb my chicken with bread crumbs if the opportunity presents itself but I am now just as happy to use the Rice Bubbles if I have them on hand, they crunch up without burning and give a whole new texture to the dish. A combination of both will be my next thing to try. Necessity is the Mother of invention (so they say), this time it worked out a treat!



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