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Spice for Rice

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Here is a picture, taken at a weird angle, of yet another wonderful South African thing introduced to me by my husband. I am in love with this little spice jar (which is actually a normal shape not as top heavy as it looks here) and the way it takes a pot of plain boiled rice and makes it into an instant side dish with a wonderful flavour.

The knob of butter that I throw in with it probably doesn’t hurt but the ‘Spice for Rice’ is definitely something I will keep in my spice cupboard and replace once it gets low. Something I haven’t tried myself (my husband isn’t a seafood lover) but I think it would go wonderfully with seafood, particularly prawns, mixed into the rice (hence the picture on the front probably)

I love to try new herbs and spices and have an enormous collection in my cupboard. The spice isle in a supermarket is my favourite place to visit while I am there. There is always something new to try and little international grocery stores are my favourite thing of all time to visit and browse the shelves. I love new ingredients and spices are an amazing way to bring new flavours into your cooking. I want to go shopping now just because I am writing about it 🙂

Anyway, today is a good day to try new things, I recommend ‘Robertsons Spice for Rice’ but if you can’t get it where you are, just give something new a go. Take recommendations from people close to you and take a chance. Who knows? You might find a new favourite!


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