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Chicken Breast with Ajvar and Cheese

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Another chicken breast stuffed with deliciousness. Really, shove anything good that you enjoy into a chicken breast and you have a gourmet meal. Some rice or even some baby spinach leaves (I am a huge fan of baby spinach leaves), your crunchy delicious chicken breast and whala! Instant masterchef material.

This particular chicken breast was stuffed with cheese and a delightful vegetable relish called Ajvar made in Croatia by Podravka. It is heavy on the capsicum with some tomato and eggplant thrown in for good measure. I buy the mild version (I am a little frightened by the possible potency of the hot one) and eat it with everything, on steak, on chicken and particularly on baked potatoes. It would be just a nice as a dip for corn chips or on crackers. Love this stuff.

Chicken Breast with Ajvar and Cheese

2x chicken breasts, a pocket cut in each
2x heaped dessertspoons of Ajvar or any other relish you enjoy
Cheddar cheese, grated
Crumb of choice (I used roughly crushed rice bubbles)
Flavoured oil (I use the oil left over from my current favourite, chilli marinated fetta, so good!!)

Mix relish with enough cheese to fill the chicken breasts.
Stuff the mixture into the chicken.
Roll in the crumb of choice. Rice bubbles just stick to chicken, there is no need to egg and flour but feel free to if you are that way inclined.
Pour a little oil over the crumb to help it crisp up and add a little flavour.
Bake at 200C until chicken is cooked through.


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