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Minty Fresh Lemonade

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So, I don’t drink alcohol. Not because I personally object to its consumption for some reason and not (as my husband is fond of suggesting to people) because I am a recovering alcoholic but simply because my body has an adverse reaction to its consumption. Frankly, I kind of miss alcohol, not for its effect but mainly for the many many interesting liquers that are available. I used to enjoy making and drinking cocktails, it was creative and enjoyable.

I have recently begun to explore the option of mocktails which enables me to enjoy a more interesting and creative drink while not experiencing any of the adverse effects of the alcohol consumption. This drink was loosely based on a Mint Julep and may not look like much but this has been my go to mocktail of choice this summer. It is light and refreshing and so so easy to put together.

I was lucky enough to find some spearmint sprigs in my local shop last year and having used what I needed I popped the rest into a glass of water on my windowsill where they happily produced roots and began to grow. After being transferred to a pot in my garden they continued to thrive and I now have an endless supply of fresh spearmint to use whenever the fancy takes me.

Minty Fresh Lemonade

6-10 spearmint leaves
Lemonade of choice (I use Kirks, it is by far my favourite brand)

Tear and slightly crush the mint leaves, sprinkle into a glass.
Top with ½ glass full of ice. Shake glass to further bruise the mint leaves.
Gently pour lemonade into the glass.



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