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Summer is sputtering out

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We are coming to the end of grape season here in Australia. I am not okay with that. I eat a lot of grapes (while they are in season) and miss them when they are not available. I enjoy going to my grocers and seeing what they have this week. I particularly like green seedless grapes, why green in particular, not really sure. The fondness for seedlessness is self-explanatory.

At the beginning of the season this year my grocer had these bunches of grapes that I had never seen before and were not labelled as anything particular but they were delightful. Huge round grapes, like I have never seen before, each one a mouthful on its own. When you bit into them it was like an explosion of liquid, sweet but not too sweet, almost like taking a mouthful of liquid from a glass and so refreshing. They lasted for about four weeks and then were replaced by more mundane, but still lovely, lady finger type grapes. Now I fear the lady fingers are on their last leg for the season, they are turning yellow and are super sweet (not my favourite, I prefer them when they are green and have a tang) and I fear our shelves will soon be bereft of them completely.

My favourite time of year is coming to a close, grapes and stone fruit will soon disappear and I will be reduced to the mundane everyday fruits like apples and oranges. I may not be fond of summer for the traditional Australian reasons (sand, surf, sun) but I look forward to the variety and taste explosions of the summer fruits each year and bitterly miss them when the season draws to a close.

Meanwhile, the above picture is my spearmint (not the one I re-potted recently), grown from bits from the supermarket last year. It is now flowering with gusto and has produced plenty of new leaves this year so that I can make my minty fresh lemonade as often as I wish to. This is its only job and it does it admirably. Plants make me happy.


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