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Australian politicians are out doing themselves this week. Now one of our senators is backing a proposal to implement nuclear power in South Australia. This, in the land of perpetual sunshine and longest coastlines (read: solar and/or wind farms) in the world, is his big plan to eliminate power costs and make his state tax free.

I wonder who is signing his pay cheques?

Better yet he is backing a plan to take the nuclear waste from the rest of the world and store it in Australia. Wow I can’t see how this would be a bad plan. Admittedly the middle of the country is virtually desert and there is not much going on there considering it is 40+ Celsius most of the time and there is no water readily available so I suppose you could store potentially deadly substances out there and, hopefully, not contaminate the whole country and make it totally unliveable but you could also fill it full of solar panels if it came down to it. To me the idea that people would ship this stuff overseas and land it in a port in Australia, transport it through towns and cities to dump in a storage facility that might prevent it from leaking out and killing us all seems fraught with unnecessary risk.

Our esteemed Prime Minister (you know, the one that doesn’t believe in climate change because he can’t see it) thinks this is a fabulous idea, who would have guessed.

Apparently this whole plan is worth any inherent risks because it will enable South Australia to have ‘Free power, no payroll tax and no motor vehicle tax’. This of course is modelled on all of the other countries in the world that have eliminated taxes since introducing nuclear power. I guess there have not been enough catastrophic nuclear disasters in the world to convince these high thinking individuals that bringing the possibility into our own back yard is a bad idea. Admittedly there haven’t been that many but considering the scope of the damage wrought by the few disasters on record, I for one am not excited about taking the risk when there are other options available.

Simplified to its most basic principles a leaking nuclear facility means disaster, an overloaded solar power plant means a sunny day.



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