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Who is paying our politicians?

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Who is paying our politicians? Or how to get more depressed in two easy steps…

Step 1: Get up in the morning
Step 2: Read the news

It seems that we as a country are being run by the only people in the world who disbelieve the climate change evidence to such a degree that they are actively making government decisions to introduce more fossil fuels into the environment and ban or at least penalise ‘greener’ options at every possible opportunity.

I cannot think how much money it takes to convince a prime minister of a country to actively throw away his political career by standing on a platform of ‘burn more fossil fuels and stop investment in solar and wind power’. Surely Australians a whole are able to see that this is a destructive and unsustainable path, surely we as a people will put our futures first at the next election and vote out this government.

I have been, I am more and more ashamed each day to admit, a diehard Liberal voter.  Although I actively research political party policy before polls I most often decide that Liberal policy suits me best (out of a generally bad bunch) as they all have policies that I agree and disagree with in general. It is difficult to find anyone that has an all-round agreeable stance on everything I believe in, most often you have to compromise to find anyone to vote for these days…

I have many strong beliefs, not even all apparent to myself until I begin my process of choosing who to vote for but lately, considering the unusual weather patterns around the world these days, I find myself concerned more and more with making my impact, my country’s impact on the planet as small as possible. Our current government does not share those beliefs, in fact they seem to be obsessed with doing the very opposite of what those beliefs lead me to view as a good idea.

Is climate change real? I am not a scientist but I have eyes and ears. The weather has changed, that is a fact, I can see it, even in my lifetime. Is it a natural cycle? Again, I am not a scientist but if it is a natural cycle then nothing we do will affect it. The worst that can happen if we try is that our air will be cleaner, our children will be healthier, the climate may support life on earth for a little longer than it otherwise might. I fail to see a downside in this approach but then I am not becoming wealthy by promoting the coal industry, I personally stand to lose nothing by promoting ‘green’ energy alternatives. My descendants, my children, grandchildren and all future generations may have somewhere that sustains life to live. It is true that this is of no immediate benefit to me, I will live and die before the only home we have is unliveable. I do believe though that I have a responsibility, I am part of something bigger. The earth is the only planet that we know can sustain life and as such is a precious resource in itself and I should be working for its benefit, not its destruction.

In the next government election the environment will be my primary criteria for choosing a party because frankly the short sighted policies and environmental ignorance that is being shown by our current leaders frightens me. I don’t know how they sleep at night.


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