RandomBacon & MargarineFlowers

Food, general thoughts, food…


So, here I am at 40 and my kids are mostly grown up and gone and I am left wondering what the hell happened? Where did their childhood go?

Random Bacon was something my daughter said once in response to a question about how much bacon she would like with her eggs for breakfast. It has stuck with us all now for years and is one of the funny threads that run through our family memories.

I am not very good with memories, bringing things back in detail just isn’t my forte, but I remember years filled with love and laughter, good food and comfortable times on the couch in front of the TV. There were traumas and disappointments but over all I am left with the positive.  The feelings stick with me even if the pictures are not so vivid.

I miss my kids being little, and being a bit bigger, now they are bigger still and I am not afraid to say that I miss them being around. They are my pride and joy, my life’s work and I am so, so proud of the people they have grown to become.

So here is to Random Bacon and Margarine Flowers and all the other silly funny things my kids came out with. I move forward with the expectation of good things, and explore the future without being ‘Mum’ every day and hope they have the same warm fuzzy feelings when they look back, even if the details are not clear….


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