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Peppermint Crisp Ice-Cream Slice

So, I have no real excuse, I just really wanted to try it.
The kids are not here and the husband is also away, I am not even really an ice cream fan but still, I have so wanted to try this since the Crunchie Ice Cream Slice that I felt I had to make it regardless. I will cut it into serving sizes and individually wrap each piece so that it can be consumed by a more appreciative audience when they are all back home.

Meanwhile I have tried it and found that the Peppermint Crisp was a rather nice alternative to the honeycomb flavour of the Crunchie. It would be a nice touch if you could find a rectangular chocolate biscuit to sandwich the ice cream in but all I had on hand was my malt biscuits (and I don’t think chocolate biscuits come in rectangles here, possible exception being Tim Tam’s but that would be a bit too much of a good thing I think.)
Anyway, same recipe, different chocolate bar. I am going to have to try others now but all of the other flavour chocolate bars that I can think might be nice are going to be difficult to shatter. I’ll make a plan when the time comes. Until then, give this a go and Enjoy!

Peppermint Crisp Ice-Cream Slice

600 mls thickened cream
395 gms condensed milk
3 x 50 gms Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar crushed
2 x 250 gms malt biscuits

Line a tray with 1 packet of biscuits.
Whip cream. Fold condensed milk into cream.
Fold crushed Peppermint Crisp into cream mixture.
Spoon mixture evenly over biscuit base.
Line mixture with remaining packet of biscuits.
Place in freezer overnight or until set.
Cut as desired and serve.