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Bottled Water, why all the hate?

Why all the hate on bottled water? Yes, I realise that it is expensive, yes I realise that it is bad for the planet to buy things in plastic packaging, yes I realise that much of it is just filtered tap water. I get the plastic hate; I guess the thing I don’t get is why target water specifically?

I drink tap water; I charcoal filter it prior to consumption because, in my opinion, it improves the taste. I always take bottles of water from home when I am going out of the house, usually in multiples because I drink excessive amounts of water. The thing is that when I run out, I buy bottled water.

I could buy a soft drink, in a plastic bottle, or an ice coffee, also in a plastic bottle but I buy water because I prefer water to sugary fizzy or milky drinks. I could buy an energy drink or soft drink in a can or glass bottle but again, I prefer water. I could buy a carton of milk drink but again I prefer water. If they packaged water in glass or cartons or cans, I would still buy water if I needed a drink but the fact is that they don’t. I try to drink water not only because I feel it is better for me than any of the aforementioned products but because I like it more. Again I understand the plastic hate but many other things come in plastic bottles and they are not all good for you so why the hate on bottled water specifically? Water is to me is a far better choice for your health than any other readily available beverage.

I would like it if people would lay off the water hating and just hate on plastic packaging in general. Doesn’t that make more sense?